The two-handed handshake

The two-handed handshake is going to be the oficial handshake of Phi-star-Phi. Since there are two variations (the forearm grab and the elbow grab), each one will be used in different circumstances. The elbow grab is used with fellow members while the forearm grab is used with outsiders.

It's not exactly secret, but it'll work.


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3 thoughts on “The two-handed handshake”

  1. yeah, that one works pretty well. but it requires a non-cold-fish grip. which would disqualify one from the ever-cool frat anyway.

    maybe it should be the "frat*frat" handshake? 🙂

  2. Is it sketchy to do the elbow handshake with a frat sister? would we need something else? seems to me it should be ok, but just checking.

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