New Powerbooks

Not much has changed stylistically, but they can drive the 30-inch apple display now. Apparently the keyboard backlighting is 10 times brighter, you can scroll using the trackpad (that seems like something you should be able to do with software on an older machine too), and they can automatically park the heads on your hard drive if you drop the machine.

I wish I were rich so I could afford to buy a new machine every time apple comes up with something new and cool.

I think I'll have to wait for the G5 powerbook. It shouldn't be too many more months.


There was this girl...

Four of us went out for lunch a few minutes ago, all dressed to the nines and with every woman's eyes following us up the road.

Just as we were about to turn the corner, this little blond piece of eye candy walked by and I just have to related the rant that went through the group.

Man, did you see that girl, she had her look honed!
She's the kind of girl who would marry you, spend all your money, and you'd just say "Fuck it, I can make more."

Good times.