so, I had one of those 3am hypothetical instances of "what if an alien came down from their ship and offered you the best sex in the world for one night and you knew your wife would never find out"... and I passed. but barely. this sucks.

maybe i should just become a monk.


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"O Whisky! soul o' plays and pranks! Accept a bardie's gratfu' thanks! When wanting thee, what tuneless cranks Are my poor verses! Thou comes-they rattle in their ranks, At ither's a-s!" Robert Burns - "Scotch Drink" 1785

3 thoughts on “stupid”

  1. An alien came down and offered you sex?

    Methinks there be more to this story. Arrrh!

    Oh, wait, that's a pirate, not an alien.

  2. no doofus, it's one of those hypothetical scenarios you talk about either late at night of after a few beers with the buddies that starts with "well, what if she was super hot? no, well what about if you were guaranteed that your wife would never find out? no? well, what about if it were an alien who would go back to her spaceship immediately after? and your wife would never know?"

    that sort of thing.

    that said, pirate women can be pretty damn hot. mmm, those piercings... and thus we also have the keira reference - have to agree with miguelito - but she's pretty hot as it is. or demi moore.

  3. Dude, Demi's old, and do you really want Ashton Kutcher's sloppy seconds?

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