if Keira Knightley gained 10 pounds...

she would be my vote.

[I decided that the thread of "who we think is hot" deserves its own post.]

going back a decade, I always thought that Meg Ryan had something worth coming back to.

and while I'm not an expert on these things, seems to me you can't go wrong with Brad Pitt...


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9 thoughts on “if Keira Knightley gained 10 pounds...”

  1. I'm going to have to stick with Olivia Wilde at the moment. She's got the blond semi-goth thing going on. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't say how much I like the blond semi-goth thing.

    But yeah, put some heavy eyeliner and leather on Kiera Knightley and who knows.

  2. mmmm, Olivia Wilde gets lot of points, good call. but yeah, maybe you should keep that particular preference a little quiet?

    actually, truth be told, I'm a big fan of freckles. and redheads... probably the whole irish background, but yeah. *swoon*.

  3. Brad may be forty, but he's still pulling in quality tail like Angelina Jolie. She might be crazy as fuck, but I'll bet she's a good fuck.

  4. I would like to think that 40 isn't really old. I know that I've just branded myself as "old" by saying that, but still.... and anyway, as John so tastelessly put it, he's still getting the job done apparently.

    plus, honestly, if i were of that persuasion, i'd be all over him.

    what do people think of Angelina? sometimes she's hot, and sometimes she scares me.

  5. Well, I just watched Gone in 60 Seconds this afternoon and there was definitely a little bit of apeal... I won't lie.

    However, I think she'd just be too crazy in real life. I'm kind of lame sometimes and need a woman who can accept that.

  6. yeah, definitely some appeal in that one. but still... i totally agree. i've been dumped and told it was because i was "too boring" - while that wasn't fun, it's kinda true. my wife will be someone who is cool with that.

  7. Oh, and I should say that I'm not going to discriminate against Keira for being the weight that she is.

  8. that's fair, way to be open-minded, fair and just. just the same way that i'm not going to discriminate against her for the bonus "soccer" shots in the extra features of the "bend it like beckham" dvd...

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