my 20th post!

ok, this is pretty lame, but i figure it's a good excuse to take a break from grading P91.... ugh. nothing personal you guys, but this week's assignment sucks.

on that note, here's one of my favorite jokes ever (and clean at that!)

An Irishman is new to town, and naturally heads down to a pub near his new flat. Just five minutes in the place makes him decide to make it his new watering hole. Anyway, he wanders to the bar and orders 3 pints of Guinness. The barman happily serves him (waiting the proper 2 minutes) and watches as the Irishman drinks them at a normal rate one after the other.

The Irishman calls the barman over and orders another round of 3 pints. Politely the barman says "Look mate, I'll just get you one pint, watch your glass and when it gets low I'll pour the second one." The Irishman replies, "No thank you. You see, its a tradition my brothers and I have. We always used to drink together on a Friday afternoon. Now that we have all headed our separate ways, we always buy 3 pints at a time, as though we are drinking together. I can tell you that Sean and David are doing the same, wherever they are in the world too." Not being one to mess with Irish family tradition, the barman pulls the three pints.

Being a friendly chap and a regular at the pub, the Irishman is counted as one of the locals after just a few months. One Friday he heads into the bar on Friday afternoon as per usual, but orders only 2 pints! A hush fell over the whole pub, everyone wondering which brother's ship isn't returning to port.

The barman pours the pints, walks over and says, "I'm sorry for your loss, they are on the house." Confused the Irishman looks up, "Loss? What loss?"

The barman trying not to be rude explains himself. "Well, I remember what you said about your tradition with your brothers. Since you ordered only 2 pints I assumed that one of your brothers has died. I'm sorry." "No no no." says the Irishman, "Both me brothers are fine... I just quit drinking."