I haven't stayed home to watch movies in a while, so I'm staying in tonight to watch some films.

Shaun of the Dead
The Whole Ten Yards
Gone in 60 Seconds

So far, I've only gotten halfway through Shaun of Dead, but really any movie that bills itself as a romantic comedy with zombies has got to be good. So far, it lives up to its billing.


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  1. So, I can recommend Shaun of the Dead as a rental. Other than the fact that it didn't have Milla Jovavich, it was definitely better than Resident Evil.

  2. The real problem now is that I'm watching Saturday Night Live and I'm waiting for zombies to pop out of the audience and start chewing on the cast. It wouldn't be a big loss.

  3. More movie notes... Don't even bother renting The Whole Ten Yards. I kind of liked the first one, it was back when Amanda Peet couldn't do a movie without appearing fully nude. This movie didn't have any such luck.

  4. I'm not saying Simon Pegg is *hot*, like, Brad Pitt is hot, but he's cute. I'd date him if he was my age.

  5. Another complaint about The Whole Ten Yards. Not only does it not have any scenes with a nude Amanda Peet, it does have a nude scene with Bruce Willis... luckily it's not frontal nudity, but if I had his butt, I would have gone for a butt double. Just not good.

  6. and Holly, that bit about simon pegg is disturbing, but that's more than balanced out by the points received for continuing the discussion of "who's hot and who isn't". jenica, andrea, any suggestions?

  7. He definitely had kind of an old butt and has definitely lost a lot of the muscle mass that he once had. (I'm not sure I should talk since muscle mass has never been something that people would talk about with respect to me.) There's a new Die Hard movie coming out in the near future... gotta wonder what kind of workout routine and special effects they're going to use on him.

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