3 thoughts on “Frats”

  1. good plan. everyone will be like "ooo, i wants me one of those trendy psi*psi
    sweatshirts, how do I get one?" and then we tie them up and blindfold them and read
    them scripture before hoisting a few pints?

    here's the problem: we already spend a lot of time together. do we really
    want to all have a house together? think of all the painful physics jokes (oh, wait, tea.) and awkward silences (nevermind) and... ok, fine, i'll hush. maybe we don't need a frat house, just a secret society and cool sweatshirts? and a secret handshake?

  2. Yeah, I htink we could do without the house. The sweatshirts would be good enough.

    Of course, we'd all have to wear them on certain days (the third wednesday of the month?) and for sporting events (kickball on the green).

    I say we go for it.

  3. Emily was pushing for tshirts for a while, i like the sweatshirts (for now, over the summer we might want tshirts) plan. maybe two colors, grey and green, for the sporting events? like uniforms? 🙂

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