Thanks to everyone for coming to brunch. Everything was very tasty.

It brings up new plans for the next party. February 12. Like 9 pm or so. Us poker folk are going to have an all-afternoon game and then we're going to get everyone together for drinks.

It'll be celebration or misery time, with drinks.



I haven't stayed home to watch movies in a while, so I'm staying in tonight to watch some films.

Shaun of the Dead
The Whole Ten Yards
Gone in 60 Seconds

So far, I've only gotten halfway through Shaun of Dead, but really any movie that bills itself as a romantic comedy with zombies has got to be good. So far, it lives up to its billing.


Telling random stories about friends...

I have a story about a buddy of mine too. It doesn't have the comic punch of playing beer pong with girls while they're showing off their panties.

You'd think that the girls would have realized that if they teamed up and played in their underwear, the guys would have been too distracted and they would have won.

So, anyway, my story about this guy... He had another friend who just happened to be a chick, and things were pretty cool. They'd talk but there wasn't a lot of pressure since they were both dating other people. Anyway, the chick had some family members who tended to cause a tad bit of friction, so my buddy talked to the other family member a bit to see what the deal was and maybe try to help out. Friction can be a good thing, but probably not with family members. 🙂 Anyway, the chick and her family member had a huge fight at Christmas and my buddy got mentioned.

Which turned out to be the absolute worst thing.

So now the chick isn't talking to him, but not only that, it's become a situation like 14 year olds trying to break up. She wouldn't respond to his messages or talk to him and her last message basically said "Fuck off! I hate you and never want to see or talk to you again."

Not quite as cool as seeing some hot '05s panties.