The Fourth Annual Unofficial Physics and Astronomy Brunch

It's decided. We're all having brunch at my place on Saturday morning.

It's going to be at 11 and everyone can bring something associated with their favorite breakfast food.

And just in case there's someone out there reading this that isn't part of our little band, send an email. Maybe you can come too.


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6 thoughts on “The Fourth Annual Unofficial Physics and Astronomy Brunch”

  1. is anyone coming from cali? i could really go for some nice fresh strawberries, or mango.

    i'm always tempted to do something like crepes, and then end up not. nathaniel has his 20 lbs of bacon... maybe biscuits?

  2. I'd settle for someone coming from someplace civilized. And in this case civilized means somewhere with Krispy Kremes.

    I'll put you down for crepes.

  3. and dude! 20 pounds of bacon?

    That might actually be 5 pounds once it's cooked. And 15 pounds of good good grease.

    I'm thinking about getting two pounds.

  4. hrm, haven't done crepes in a while. but they *are* good, i should be able to figure something out.

    and yeah, 20 pounds is likely excessive. but lots and lots of cooking grease.... mmmm, biscuits?

  5. good point Nathaniel, I think Krispy Kreme might well be the defining indicator of civilization... too bad I'm not anywhere near one. 🙁

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