4 thoughts on “i'm complaining”

  1. I don't think that it's that boys are dumb about everything.

    We're just dumb about girls.

  2. yes, dumb about girls *points at self*. i'm smart when it comes to tools and beer and oil changes and monster trucks. (ummm, or something...)

    also, Nathaniel, is there anyway to get a better "bitchy" icon? that one sucks. andy maybe a "whiney" one?

  3. i'm with andrea on this one.

    i also concur with michael on the suckiness of the "bitchy" icon.

  4. if it makes you guys feel any better (it won't) i've had some "dumb girl" issues too?

    the "envy" face is kinda bitchy. and maybe the "crappy" one?

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