Sabine Take 3

Well, the trilogy is done. There's technically a second trilogy of books too, but no one says they're any good. I'll have to think for a while before I try to find them.

It's very interesting to me how your interpretation of a book depends hugely on your circumstances. When I first read these books in high school, I thought they were cute and the odd format amused me. Now though, they speak to me directly. It actually tells me exactly what I need to do.

I'm going to go write a letter. Pen and paper.

(That's not what the book told me, the book told me that I need to go somewhere far away and start anew. I'm too stuck in my current life to take that advice though.)


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5 thoughts on “Sabine Take 3”

  1. It's impressive how that brief comment convinced me that I need to read them, well done. Without going all personal here, Karlina is a strong letter-writing influence (and she even has the previously-mentioned sealing wax and whatnot).

    I wish I could come up with more examples of books (and movies/plays/poems/etc) that are read at one stage in life, and only really resonate at a later point in time. I was watching some movie recently (can't for the life of me remember what it was) and realized that this time around I identified not with the protagonist but his father. Hrm, I'm not sure what that means...

  2. It means you're getting old. 🙂

    Hmm, and I never mentioned sealing wax. Are you watching me?

    Finally, if the brunch gets boring, you can read them on Saturday. Each book is really only a dozen or two letters and postcards. It's a quick read.

  3. Yeah, it means that I'm getting old, but you know what? that's ok. There was a little article in Boy Cosmo (what K calls Men's Health) that listed "signs of being a man... and you don't mind", saying that somewhere along the line it's ok to not be 18 anymore. One that I remember was "after a big fight, the first thing on your mind is not beer or football, but hot make-up sex".

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