My Lord, It's Freezing!

I wonder if they don't want grad students in the department after sunset. It's freezing in here now.

I'm sure computers like it though.


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3 thoughts on “My Lord, It's Freezing!”

  1. i don't think they want us there on weekends, either. it was pretty cold when we were working on sunday. then again, it's been pretty cold during weekdays, too.

  2. the reader may recall that i complain about the temperature in my office quite a bit, especially when i had to wear a sweater in the middle of summer. there is a box on the wall that pretends to be a thermostat, complete with little numbers and dial and everything, but there's certainly no correlation between those numbers and the actual temperature.

  3. unless maybe i'm just using the wrong units? if they mean (68 Kelvin) and not (68 Fahrenheit), that might be more accurate.

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