Gore Vidal

It's pretty obvious that I don't want to do work this morning...

If anyone likes reading historical fiction, you should try some of the American Empire series by Gore Vidal. My favorites so far are Burr and Lincoln. Burr is really funny and surprisingly historically accurate (e.g., stuff that Thomas Jefferson says is very close to what he wrote in his actual diaries). Lincoln is excellent and really made me admire Lincoln and the decisions he was forced to make. I'm reading Empire right now which is set at the end of the 19th century after the Philippines were "acquired" by President McKinley. Last night I was reading a scene between McKinley's sec. of state, Theodore Roosevelt (then governor of NY), and Admiral Dewey (hero of Manila) and the whole thing was hilarious. TR in particular is a fun character to read about. He reminds me of some of the current administration officials...


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  1. ok, so this is a delayed reaction, but thanks for the suggestions. (no idea when i'll be able to put a decent dent in my pleasure-reading stack, but always good to have more ideas.) what's next on the reading list?

    plus, it's always a good reminder of all the dirty little details in our history, that it wasn't all clean and pristine in the "good ole days". or something like that.

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