You know you're tired when....

I left Wilder this morning around 4:30am, having finally finished the e&m. As I crawled into bed (with my glasses still on, which means I could actually see), I swear it looked like the pointsettia on my dresser was dancing, like those plastic flowers that danced when you played music around them. After a couple hours of sleep, when my alarm went off, I couldn't understand what it meant by "8:30", and showering seemed impossibly complicated. Ah, exhaustion.


2 thoughts on “You know you're tired when....”

  1. sleep deprivation is awesome. well, actually it pretty much sucks, but it can be funny. i have definitely had my alarm go off and been completely unable to comprehend what this awful, noisy box was.

  2. I thought for sure that the dancing pointsettia was going to have something to do with huge bug infestation in your apartment. That would have been less than ideal.

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