You know you're tired when....

I left Wilder this morning around 4:30am, having finally finished the e&m. As I crawled into bed (with my glasses still on, which means I could actually see), I swear it looked like the pointsettia on my dresser was dancing, like those plastic flowers that danced when you played music around them. After a couple hours of sleep, when my alarm went off, I couldn't understand what it meant by "8:30", and showering seemed impossibly complicated. Ah, exhaustion.



I saw Closer on Friday night, and I'm kind of curious if anyone else has seen it. The number of movies out there where Julia Roberts says "He tasted just like you, only sweeter" in reference to semen is pretty small.

Anyway, I think that Clive Owen was in the right, Julia Roberts and Jude Law were just generally fucked up, and Natalie Portman was pretty much evil.

Anyone agree? disagree?