testing out the "press it" button

maybe the Mac Mini is for movies?


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4 thoughts on “testing out the "press it" button”

  1. I don't buy it. People are already complaining about how long it takes to transfer programs off of their Tivos using Tivo2Go and that's only standard definition video and an 11 Mbps connection. Hi-def video is much much much more data intensive and there's really no such thing as an internet connection fast enough to transfer video like the cable system does.

    I looked at a mac mini at the apple store this weekend. It's sexy as fuck. If I had $500 to blow, I'd get one right now. Of course, the apple monitor that I'd really like to go with it is almost twice the cost of the mini... so I really need $1500 to blow.

    next problem... I could get an iMac with a G5 for that much.

  2. yeah, the download time seemed to be an issue to me, unless it was something like the way napster used to be for people with dial-up: select a song, let it download while you're at work, and/or download things overnight?

    you thinking of getting the mini as a new dactyl? in which case you don't need a monitor? but yeah, they are pretty sweet.

  3. In the good old days with napster you were only downloading megabyte-sized files. With HD video, it's going to be gigabyte-sized files.

    I think the market for the mini is exactly what apple claims. It's going to be people who are fed up with this or that virus in Windows. For them, it's just going to be $499 and a matter of pulling out the cables from their old cpu and plugging them into the mini. Press the power button and you're good to go. Of course, after a while, you're going to get tired of your huge crt and want one of those shiny sexy apple lcds... but you don't have to buy it all at once.

  4. fair enough, and 56k to dsl isn't a three order of magnitude improvement. but even if it's just another mac speculation/conspiracy theory, i thought it was an interesting idea. blu-ray sounds like good stuff, though expensive for smaller producers?

    methinks you lust after one of the new apple lcds?

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