well, i can't do e&m to save my life, but i can make my xterm look pretty. oooh, colors.


7 thoughts on “sigh”

  1. I should also mention the fact that that has got to be the nerdiest comment on this thing yet. You not only managed to bring up a horrible academic subject, but then you showed that you can customize something that 99.999% of the general population is completely ignorant of.

    Good work.

  2. Hmm, I just looked back at one of my posts and I mentioned the "subnet." I think that's probably more obscure than talking about an xterm.

  3. now i've outdone myself. i've created new colors and added them to the list of recognized colors, so that i can truly customize. at least i've learned *something* in grad school....

  4. Hey, can you show me how to do that? I can't get colors on my xterm unless I do something like 'ls -G'

  5. this is awesome. nerdy posts that just got useful. but yeah, the customized colors *is* pretty clever. 🙂

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