No Liability

I figure that I should enter it into the record that neither I nor Dartmouth College nor anyone else takes any responsibility for the material on this blog. If something offends you enough to sue, sue the person who posted it.



It's probably not a good thing to be posting things about television in the books section, but why not.

I'm turning into a huge fan of The O.C. Needless to say, it's not high art. It is however very entertaining. I sort of things that I'm a mix of Seth's geekiness with Ryan's antisocial nature. I'm a little bit worried that I don't have any of the positive traits... or at least not to the degree that I'd like.

It's totally entertaining in a painful sort of way. There are too many things that touch home.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that all the girls have puffalumps.


My favorite Joke

It's bring-your-parent-to-school-day and all the kids are taking turns walking to the front of the room with their dads to explain what they do when the teacher notices that Timmy in the back row seems very unhappy.

Teacher: Timmy, is something the matter? You can go next if you want.

Timmy: (sniffling) I can't go, my dad is dead.

Teacher: Well, if you want, you can explain what your dad did before he died.

Timmy: Explain how he turned blue and shat on the carpet?


Lunch was good

I went to the wrap.

I also just found out that I didn't submit my expenses for an observing run I made back in September. Whoops. Take care of that tomorrow with the expenses from the AAS meeting last week.