User Agreement and Privacy Statement

As the user of this machine, there are certain rules regulating and protecting your behavior. Everything is pretty obvious, but I figure it needs to be made explicit.

Dactyl has three main tasks: functioning as a secure smtp server, serving personal web pages for its users, and working as a smb server for limited network attached storage. The rules for using dactyl are chosen to make sure that these three tasks aren't interupted.

  • Users are limited to a few hundred megabytes of space. (Maybe a few gigabytes if you say nice things to me.)
  • There's no backup. Since dactyl is an experiment, you probably shouldn't put anything on the machine that you can't afford to lose.
  • You have some privacy. No one is going to become root and snoop through your directory.
  • Dactyl is slow, so don't try to run anything cpu intensive on it.
  • Don't use dactyl as a warez server or to share mp3s or whatever.

    Privacy Statement: the only publicly available personal information on dactyl exists in the form of posts on the blog and users personal web pages. Non-public personal information may exist in the web-server logs, however, that information is not revealed publicly. Barring extreme issues (such as a search warrant), contents of personal directories and email on dactyl are completely private.

    More will be added to this list anytime it become necessary.

    Email comments and questions to Nathaniel. Replace the "(at)" with "@" in your mail program.